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IMNST Patents Purchased by Chengdu Biotech Company

Four patents invented by Professor Chen Hong’s research group were recently purchased by a biotech company in southwest China's Chengdu City. 


A Preparation Method of Capillary Probe Array Used for Analyzing Biochips (ZL 201010193906.1)


A Preparation Method of Microfluidic Chip Probe Array Used for Analyzing Biochips (ZL 201010193890.4)




Method for Biochip High-throughput Hybridization (ZL 201010193922.0)


A Device for Performing Nucleic Acid Amplification in Microfluidic Chip (ZL 201010604153.9)

We have developed and managed a high-quality portfolio of diverse patents and actively recruit companies that might be interested in our licensed inventions.