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Pen-Tung Sah Institute of Micro-Nano Science and Technology, Xiamen University (IMNST), established in 1999 as Pen-Tung Sah MEMS Research Center, is an interdisciplinary research institute for the study of fundamental problems and advanced applications incorporating Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Material Science and Physics.

Equipped with 1140 square meter of cleanrooms and world-class design, fabrication, and test facilities, the Institute aims at the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the contemporary technological enterprise in the frontiers of micro- and nano- devices, new functional materials, renewable energies, and internet of things. Bringing together faculty members, research scientists and engineers from various areas, the Institute strives for excellence in applied engineering research and development for industry. Ongoing research projects are funded by government grants, national key projects, and industry collaborations.

An important part of IMNST is an industrial outreach mechanism. Dedicated to basic and application-oriented research, it is our mission to nurture collaboration between academia and industry, facilitate the transfer of intellectual property to the larger micro-nano community through the development and management of a high-quality portfolio of diverse patents. We actively recruit companies with interest in micro-nano technology and MEMS-enabled solutions as our partners.