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Fundamental in nature, our research addresses many of the most pressing societal challenges of our time: food safety, natural resources, climate change and natural hazards. Visit our Research Spotlight page for up to the minute examples of research going on at IMNST and beyond. You can also browse our recently published papersand patent portfolio.

Here we divide our research  into categories mainly including micro/nanosensor technology and new energy materials. We target interdisciplinary collaborations not just across faculty and research groups , but across the university, leveraging thebroaderstrengths of Xiamen University.


Bridging the research categories are several government-sponsored research centers and laboratories intersecting IMNST:

Fujian Key Laboratory of MEMS Technology  (IMNST Equipment.pdf)

Xiamen MEMS Engineering & Technology Research Center

Within and overlying the research categories are multiple self-directed research groups and initiatives arising from interdisciplinary collaborations across faculty at Xiamen University:

Micro-Nano Devices & Miniature Instruments Laboratory of Xiamen University ( :

Micro-Nano Devices and Solar Cell Group of Xiamen University(

MEMS Research Society of Xiamen