Research Spotlight
  • April 26,2017 Progress about the regulation of crystal phase of the Platinum-based nanocrystals

           Recently, new progress about the regulation of crystal phase of Platinum-based nanocrystals was made by the cooperation between Prof. Zhaoxiong Xie's and Prof. Gang Fu's groups from Xiamen University. The study, tit

  • August 10,2016 IMNST Patents Purchased by Chengdu Biotech Company

    Four patents invented by Professor Chen Hong’s research group were recently purchased by a biotech company in southwest China's Chengdu City. A Preparation Method of Capillary Probe Array Used for Analyzing Biochips (ZL 201010193906.1)A Pr

  • August 16,2016 Let's roll: Material for polymer solar cells may lend itself to large-area processing

    New research results reported by an international team led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) indicate that the "sweet spot" for mass-producing polymer solar cells -- a tantalizing prospect for decades -- may be far larger t

  • August 10,2016 Patent Portfolio

    NameTech IDInventor(s)StatusA   Method of Preparing a Graphene and Titanium Dioxide CompositesZL   201310287749.4Li   Xin, Zhou Hanqi, Li   Yang, Chen Hong, Song ZhanyuAvailable/MarketingA   Driving Method of Micro-channel In

  • August 10,2016 Selected Recent Research Papers (2015)

    Title Journal High   performance and negative temperature coefficient of low temperature hydrogen   gas sensors using palladium decorated tungsten oxideJOURNAL   OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AConstruction   of desirable NiCo2S4 nanotube

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