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Graduate Programs

Our doctoral and master’s degree programs lie at the interfaces of engineering, cover a broad range of disciplines and focus on interdisciplinary training. We bring the full resources of Xiamen University to bear in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of scientific research. We do not have traditional academic departments and the flexibility between our degree programs enables graduate students to carry out dissertation research and training with research faculty of various backgrounds. We provide support to graduate students at every juncture of their program, from admission to thesis and dissertation preparation.

Master’s Degree Programs

Opportunities to pursue a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree that includes courses from multiple disciplines are available through the following programs:

(a) Microelectronics  and  Solid-State  Electronics  (080903).pdf

(b) Measurement Technology and Instrumentation(080402).pdf

(c) Electronic Circuit and System (080902).pdf

(d) Photovoltaic Engineering(0809Z1).pdf

(e) Energy and Chemical Industry(0817Z1).pdf

(f) Biomedical Engineering(083100).pdf

Doctoral Degree Programs

We offer state-of-the-art facilities for research leading to the Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) degree in a wide variety of disciplines, including:

(a) Microelectronics  and  Solid-State  Electronics  (080903).pdf

(b) Measurement Technology and Instrumentation(080402).pdf

(c) Photovoltaic Engineering(0809Z1).pdf

(d) Energy and Chemical Industry(0817Z1).pdf

Handbook of Graduate Students.pdf

Listing of all IMNST degree recipients in June 2016.pdf